Attention Residents!

Want Proof that the home you moved into was "Like That When I Moved In?"

MyWalkThru is the answer. Protect yourself against inflated security deposits that continue to rise with rising rents. MyWalkThru gives you a PDF report of the way your rental home looks at move in.

The property manager has documentation of the home the day you move in and now you can too! MyWalkThru allows you to take photos of the preexisting condition of the home. That way, when you move out you won't get charged for the things that existed prior to your moving in.

Key Features

MyWalkThru lets you conduct a move in report faster and create beautiful reports from your smart phone or tablet!

Save Time Icon Save Time Pre-programmed categories & easy picture taking makes it a snap!
Document Better Icon Document Better Capture more information and generate detailed reports of your findings.
Become Mobile Icon Become Mobile Access the app anywhere you have service & from any device.

MyWalkThru is Easy to Use

Everything you need for your home walk thru - all at your fingertips

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How to Download and Use

Go To the APP store (For IOS devices) and download the “MyWalkThru” App. (Notice Spelling of Thru). OR Go To the Google Play store (for Android Devices) and download the “MyWalkThru” App

Open the app. User name will be your email address and the password will be in a text and email sent to you from your property manager.

Using the Log In credentials (Email address and Password sent by the Property Management company), conduct your personal Condition Report with your smart phone or IOS / Android device.

In every room of the property all the areas to make note or point out “issues”, there are only 3 choices: 1. N/A 2. Observed-No Issues 3. (Camera Icon) - Take a photo and make a comment of the “issue”. When you are finished, submit the report.

To avoid over use of your data plan, only take photos of issues you want to point out on your walk thru.

Thanks for using MyWalkThru

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