Sample Letter to Residents

[PM Company] has implemented the latest in technology for the protection of your security deposit.

You can now document the move-in condition of your rental property with your smartphone using the MyWalkThru app.

This app will allow you to take detailed photos and make comments regarding the condition of your property at move in. The cost of this app is paid for by [PM Company]. You will need to go to the app store/google play store and download MyWalkThru.

[PM Company]t will send you an email containing your username and password to use as login credentials.

Please note that this report is not a request for maintenance. Any issues at the property that you note using the app are strictly for documentation purposes to protect your security deposit.

This is not a request for Maintenance as you will need to follow instructions for Maintenance request spelled out in your lease.

Upon completion of your walk thru, you will be prompted to submit your notations/photos to us through the app. Please note that you will be allotted [ # ] days after the commencement date of your lease to submit your photos/notations using this app. A report will be sent back to [PM Company] and become a part of your file. This report will be used in comparison against the move out report we conduct after you have vacated and surrender the home.

Thank You,

NARPM Best Inspection Software